For every iPhone and iPad case we sell, we donate $4 to these charities- Click the links to check out their projects.
At SUBSTRATA, we want to be in business for a long time, so we work hard to make sure our practices and our impact on the world are sustainable. We have a multifaceted approach to this. How we deal with resources, energy, recycling and our human community balance the demands of doing business with a driving motivation to make the world a better place.

In the shop, we seek to minimize waste and reuse scrap. When wood scrap is too small to be usable, rather than throw it away, we use it to heat our shop. This reduces our consumption of electricity. We donate as much sawdust and shavings as we can to nurseries and stables for reuse, further reducing what would otherwise be landfill-bound waste.

We incorporate recycled materials into the packaging of many items we ship. For domestic shipments of individual tech accessories, we use large wood shavings reclaimed from our shop as filler material in boxes. For cutting board and countertop packaging, we recycle cardboard boxes (and sometimes styrofoam) from local furniture and appliance stores.

When we use exotic hardwoods, we buy from suppliers who have the long term interests of their supply source in mind. Our primary exotic hardwood wholesaler only buys lumber from well established sawmills, some of which are 80+ years old. They employ sustainable forestry practices, only harvesting mature trees to ensure the longevity of the source forest. Often, this means harvesting very small numbers of trees from very large tracts of land, sometimes on the order of 1-3 trees per hectare. Additionally, our supplier never buys logs, but always mill-processed boards. This ensures that money stays in the local economy, through the jobs provided by the mills.

In our cabinet finishing department, we spray low V.O.C. water-based lacquers and paints. We never exhaust solvent fumes from our spray booth. 

We value our employees highly, and pay them above the living wage rates for our area. They do great work, and deserve the best we can do for them.

We donate $4 out of the profit of every iPhone or iPod case we sell to support humanitarian and reforestation efforts in the parts of the world from which our resources come. (scroll down for details)

Above all, we are interested in a business model that creates wealth, opportunity, convenience and beauty for as many people as possible- whether they are in our supply chain or our customer base. We balance consumption of resources with conservation and renewal, and we seek to make the world a better place, one small decision at a time.
Some of the woods we use (Wenge, Zebrawood and Padauk) come from West Africa, typically from Cameroon, Gabon and the Congo or DRC. Many people in these nations are affected by poverty, violence, poor health care and a lack of educational and economic opportunities.

Since they are a part of our supply chain, and therefore give us the opportunity to do business, we want to help provide opportunities for them in return.

SUBSTRATA donates $1 from the profit of every iPhone or iPod case sold to Women for Women International, which provides direct aid, rights education, job skills training and small business development in West Africa. Another $1 from every iPhone or iPod case sold goes to Catholic Relief Services, for justice, health, agriculture and education projects in Cameroon and DRC.

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As a consumer of wood (as well as other natural resources), we at SUBSTRATA feel a responsibility to help renew the resource that allows us to do business; therefore we support reforestation efforts directly. We donate $2 from the profit of every iPod or iPhone case we sell- $1 goes to Eden Reforestation Projects to rebuild tropical African forests, and $1 goes to The Arbor Day Foundation to support environmental education and rebuild domestic forests.

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